Thursday, August 27, 2009

War Films Are Kind Of Boring

Post Dated: May 27th, 2009
I’m gonna make this real quick because a lot of people probably disagree with me whole heartedly... but War Films are kind of boring. I spent Memorial Day watching some “classic” ones (Flicks I hadn’t seen before) trying to broaden my horizons. Well what I figured out is I can’t pay attention to them.
The Longest Day was actually great... the exception of the day. It was original and interesting. And it didn’t feel bogged down.
But Patton and Tora! Tora! Tora! and Air Force (not as bad) were incredibly boring.
That's President Bartlet going to kill some commie ass!
Charlie best be careful next time he enters the oval office.
I guess when I hear War Film I expect to have my head messed with (Apocalypse Now!) or I expect to learn a valuable lesson (Sergeant York). But if I’m falling asleep during the movie what’s the point?
Good examples of entertaining War Films other than the three previously praised: Paths Of Glory, Saving Private Ryan, Three Kings, The Dirty Dozen. Now those are flicks you can sink your teeth into. They have weight and entertainment value, even when they’re saying war’s a damn shame... which they usually are. 
P.S.- Out of all the flicks i just named the only ones available on Blu-Ray are The Longest Day and The Dirty Dozen? Cool... but???


  1. I agree, but ironically, the first film I thought of when I read the title of your post was Saving Private Ryan. By the time they finally get to Ryan, I'm ready for bed. But then, I haven't watched many war films.

  2. You make some very compelling points. Patton is a huge bore but so is Paths of Glory. That being said, I love Platoon. I have a friend who loves these movies and sees all of them when they come out. Sometimes I tag along, other times I try to get out of it. On a side note, I have a friend who refuses movies that take place on boats. And another who refuses to watch Westerns. To each their own, I guess. At least you tried to make it through these even if they're boring.


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  3. I'm with you on this. I have a really hard time getting excited to see any war movie. I even had a hard time getting to the theatre to see The Hurt Locker. Full Metal Jacket is a good exception though. As well as Rescue Dawn.

  4. THANK YOU! Holy bejeezus and the Sunchip, why does everyone act so enthralled with fucking war movies? Their sole existence is to be depressing and boring, and I'm sick of my (ahem) contemporaries singing their praises.

    Excellent write-up, anyways.

  5. My sentiment exactly, Caleb, glad I'm not the only one. Another reason I don't like 'em is the brutality of it, why go to the movies to feel depressed? And yeah, I'm not one to sing praises for THL either.