Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Love Of People And Their Love For Life

When I first came out to LA people kept warning me about the folks here... it was that whole point Crash tried to make (and I hate Crash) that people are so disconnected and need to punish each other every once and a while just to feel something. But with deepest sincerity I can say that not a word of that is true. People in LA are nice friendly folk looking to make their lives better. This is an Objectivist town no matter what people will tell you. Pragmatism only exists in the limping, waning politics slowly being forgotten. But the truth is, people here do everything for themselves... and that is not a bad thing. No sir.
Acting in your own best interest is the most natural, truthful thing a person can do. If it makes me feel good to give to charity I will. if it makes me happy to help clean the environment, I’ll recycle and drive less and all of that stuff. It’s out of love for myself... and if you can’t love yourself, why should anybody else love you? It’s that simple. Really.
I find that, because I love and understand who I am, I can find an understanding of everybody else (over time) and therefore love them in kind. When I notice a person is just happy to be breathing and doing, I gain a respect for them. Because life is so simple (despite what people may say). Life is doing and being and acting when the cause is just. And if you’re not  living, your dying. I can’t explain it any simpler than that.
I love people because people love life... and when a person loves life, it makes me love life even more knowing that we share this single common bond. And it would make me happy to make them happy, because they deserve it. But please just realize, you do it all for yourself... and you can make a difference.

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