Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Climbing Mountains And The Rules Of Morality (which are equally as steep)

Post Dated: June 9th, 2009

I climbed a mountain today.
I didn’t do it for the view or the exercise... though those were fantastic perks I must say. I did it because I believe in a cause. And something drove me to keep trekking... it was a force of untapped knowledge that once I took the apex I would be rewarded. And Oh was I ever.
I met someone up there, up top, who believed in that same cause... and just as strongly as I do. She and I spoke about the environment and what is to be done... and oddly enough, Buddha. Which certainly brings me back to some odd memories that I’ve been ignoring for a while (why would I do that?).
Anyway, It goes like this: Two people down below us (I had met them earlier) lived their life in hateful spite. Why? They lost? Or something like that... perhaps they were unemployed (as so many are) and couldn’t find a way to release their aggression, so the aggression took over. They were lost in a vision of hate. So they couldn’t understand why I would hike up their steep driveway. What could make me do such a thing? I knew I was right. And they told me that the greater of two evils was now in power. And I left them because they wouldn’t hear my opinion. They were too wrapped up in their hate. But (as usual) I digress. 
See there was another man who stepped through the threshold of his home with a gawk of an expression. His mouth was wide and he said to me, “No one ever walks up those steps. Most people just see them and give up. But when I saw you coming up here I realized I had to at least hear you out.” See everything is so far apart in this world... so distant. And that’s why we have technology. We need it to at least try to stay connected. But again, I digress.
The reason I climbed those steps is the same reason I climbed that mountain. Because I know I’m right. And secretly, those two hateful people know so too.
Okay. A friend of mine did the same thing today. She spoke to an Astronomer who told her Global Warming wasn’t real. And I agree (hear me out). The Earth does naturally find ways to heal its self... and it goes through fazes... and some people keep ignoring that. But this is not the purpose of my cause. My cause is to make us more conscious of what we do.
One of my best friends works in this way... he agrees with all the issues that make sense, sure. So he thinks and takes the time to understand. But his attitude says “can’t be bothered.” That’s fine. But he doesn’t act on the things he says. One day soon he will, because one day soon he will have to. As will we all.
This is an important ideal to remember. Love one another, and with that love show the others you care (through simple acts of kindness every day), and do this because the others will not take advantage of your love. Maybe they will reciprocate. Maybe if you smile, they’ll smile too. How’s that for an idea?
Maybe we should all try to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

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