Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family Is Family... And That Stuff's Important

I wish I was closer with my family. Wish I could talk to them more often. And it may be hard keeping contact due to the time difference, but that’s just an excuse. We barely talked when I lived at home... partly because when I lived at home, I was always out with my friends trying to have fun. But it’s not just my fault.
My Dad’s a quiet person (most of the time). And my Mom is always working or asleep. For some reason, my sister and I hardly keep in touch, though we have plenty in common... Actually, the only family member I really am always up to date with is my brother. Don’t really know how it fell that way.
And I’ve tried to be better about it in the past, but I always only get so far and then just recede into my usual habits. Well now I want to break some of those habits. So I’m gonna start calling them... Sounds like a real plan, right?
Don’t really know why I thought this was worth a post. But maybe it’ll make you ask how you get along with your folks. Maybe it’ll make you think about it for a second. We all have our reasons for the things that we do, but sometimes it’s nice to experiment.

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