Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christopher Lee... Man Or Legend?

Post Dated: June 13th, 2009

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is officially a knight today. At least, so says the Queen of England. So I wanted to take a moment to discuss his most awesomely amazing performances, and why they prove that he is worthy of this honor (not that we need proof).
The Return Of Captain Invincible: One of the strangest movies ever made... and it includes one of the most glorious musical numbers I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing, thanks to our man of the hour Sir Christopher Lee (just rolls off the tongue). Check out Pick Your Poison. If this performance doesn’t best Elton John’s claim to knighthood, then I don’t know what a man can do to gain the title (short of saving damsels from dragons in the age of chivalry. Any takers?).
The Wickerman: The original film is brilliant, and Sir Lee is the dot on the exclamation point! (see what I did there?) My favorite moment only appears in the director’s cut... it’s during the wacked out, sex through the wall/pub scene/musical number when Lord Summerisle (who hasn’t been introduced yet) watches the crude goings-on from outside the window. There is a snail on a leaf and he takes a moment to poeticize this (in a sexy way? I don’t know, it’s at least raunchy). Anyone who can make a snail into a sex symbol is worthy of some serious props.
The Man With The Golden Gun: Yes! Scaramanga!!! Now that’s a Bond Villain. Who cares that Roger Moore helped dumb down the franchise for a while? We still had fun. And now we’re back on track again, so maybe it was worth it. Sir Lee should come back and be a part of the rebooted franchise. Maybe this time he won’t die in a poorly attempted Lady From Shanghai mirror trick... He and Christopher Walken could become best friends and form the ultimate Bond-fighting team with David Bowie!! Oh that would be a dream.
The Lord Of The Rings: It’s like, these old dudes can actually fight! Hard core! Sir Christopher Lee’s still got some serious kick in his step. So yeah, he could totally defend the Queen of England from Gaul-ish (?) invaders.
The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes: In which we see Holmes in a slightly less flattering light, though I do not blame the man for his addiction... he earned it. And Sir Lee plays his brother, Mycroft Holmes. He is actually almost a knight in this flick as he serves the queen and has a long conversation with the woman (not the same queen that knighted him just now).
Now these are just my most favorite performances by the man. But there are many many others worth noting... I just won’t do it here and now. Because I need some sleep. Join me in applauding the newest knight to join the fold. He and Sir Ian McKellen will do a great job defending their homeland. I just know it.

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