Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interesting People: The Couple

Post Dated: June 6th, 2009

I met the couple after a long three-hour hike up Angelus Hill. I knocked on their door and the Man came out. He wasn’t old, maybe twenty-nine to early thirties, but his demeanor made me feel like he was a wise spirit. I gave my pitch and he listened intently and smiled with me. Then the cat came outside. We closed the front gate and the Woman came up. She carried a similar demeanor and we began talking about their cat and my cats (Dexter and Kobe). She called the cat Copernicus... and referred to it as a she. After a while the Man told me its name was Spartacus, and it was a he. They cutely argued over it for a moment, but I could tell they were truly in love. It’s a rare sight, but when people are that happy with each other, it’s hard not to notice.
Maybe I’m being too sentimental, but these two people are saving lives on a daily basis... at least that’s how I see it. They probably bring a smile to the face of every person they meet. And again, they agreed with me and my cause. And they showed open support for a better world. It makes me feel so good knowing they’re out there living and loving. They get it. And it makes me believe I get it too. And who knows? Maybe I do.

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