Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When The Garden Was Eden Feels Too Much Like A Kindergarten Love Letter

Michael Rapaport's an interesting personality. And he's never been shy about his love for sports... most notably, The New York Knicks.
But when ESPN gave him a chance to make a new 30 for 30 documentary about his favorite subject, I can't help feeling like the guy got a little lost. While earlier this year, Bad Boys did an excellent job of illuminating the bigger than life characters from the obscure championship years of The Detroit Pistons, this documentary seems to miss that IT factor.
Sure it's cool to watch Phil Jackson playing with his first team, before he was the amazing coach he became... And I always like to get a good history lesson on a sport I occasionally enjoy. But Rapaport's obsession with his team doesn't quite translate to a compelling film. The distance between championships and the nature in which they managed to succeed and win doesn't make for overwhelmingly good tv.
When the Garden was Eden is just okay. Like I've said before, if you enjoy these 30 for 30s, it's worth a watch, but only as a history lesson and not really for great entertainment.

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