Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Citizen Koch Will Not Back Down

Citizen Koch covers (in my opinion) one of the more important subject matters this year as it has to do with our own country's corruption and the relentless, shameless transformation of the political system in favor of big business... you know, the guys with all the money.
It follows a very select few storylines, one of a town in Wisconsin attempting to fight back when the Tea Party takes power and destroys their unions, and another of a man attempting to run for president and being barred out of debates even though he holds a legitimate percent of the vote. This is a film about big business having more rights than individuals and being treated better by the law. And it's an unabashed champion for the little guys. It's also a totally enthralling flick that almost poetically attacks your senses. And I won't lie, the subject matter just interests me, but I can and have in the past  been able to separate personal taste and interests from recognizing a good film when I see one. This is mesmerizing in its attempts to prove its one great point. If the citizens are not in control, then who is? And what are they willing to do to keep it that way? Rather how much are they willing to pay? And believe me, it's a lot.
Carl Deal and Tia Lessin have created a legitimate Oscar contender and a film that should be seen by many more wandering eyes. It's made the Academy's short list of eligible documentaries and is easy to access on Netflix right now.

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