Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm A Little Surprised Print The Legend Isn't An Oscar Hopeful

Print the Legend is Neflix original documentary about a very interesting subject... The men and women behind the growing market of 3D printing.
The film really picks up early in some of these upstart companies lives, but as it pushes on, gives us a visual transformation of the industry. It's about how regular people become CEOs and the steps they take to lose their identities and (rather awkwardly) assimilate with the company itself in a way, dropping all sense of moral code or ethical human behavior. It's about the monster that is corporation from the perspective of those who incubate said monster. And most amazingly, it proves its point in a very satisfactory manner.
Hence why I'm surprised that Luis Lopez and J. Clay Tweel's film was not given consideration among the final 15 eligible documentaries under the Academy's doc award rules. I'm finding more and more that most documentaries don't grasp their point enough to get it across to the viewer, so when one does prove itself so well, I expect it to be amongst the top of the pack when awards finally do roll around. Unfortunately, Print the Legend missed the race this time around. But I really do hope, since it is so easily available on Netflix, that people manage to stay in and watch it. This works really well as a companion piece to Citizen Koch (also on Netflix).

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