Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Brian And The Boz Is A Cool Flip In Perspective

A while back 30 for 30 put out a documentary called You Don't Know Bo about Bo Jackson. It was a good one about a very short lived but electric athlete. But during that documentary, there is a sequence where Bo gets called out by one Brian Bosworth... aka The Boz.
The Boz is an insane media personality and a pretty good though short-lived football star. And as Brian and the Boz breaks down the rise and fall of his career, Brian himself comes forward and speaks at great length about his own mistakes. It's actually quite interesting to hear his perspective on the whole thing.
And while ultimately, neither The Boz nor Bo had long enough careers to warrant the usual kind of superstar memory amongst newcomers to the sport, they both captured a strange kind of lightning in a bottle. They were personalities in a time when football didn't have a larger than life mentality.
If you like 30 for 30, you'll definitely dig this story.

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