Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Thought Pride Would Be More Entertaining

Don't get me wrong, Matthew Warchus' Pride is a solid flick all things considered. This is the true story of U.K. gay activists joining in to help the Miners union during their strike back in 1984. And it is rather inspirational to witness so many people recognizing the lengths their fellow men/women are willing to go to help them out... in spite of and eventually regardless of sexual preference.
But this is still the kind of film that manages to host a more interesting subject matter than the overall final product manages to be. Rather, Pride didn't hold my attention in quite the way I'd hope a great film would and I often felt my mind wandering...
Now I felt like Ben Schnetzer did an excellent job. Imelda Staunton was solid. I also always enjoy a good Bill Nighy performance... I could use more Nighy in a film. And George MacKay was good enough. But then there was Andrew Scott... this guy just doesn't bring anything interesting to the table in my mind. He's the same guy that makes me cringe when I think about rewatching some of those old episodes of Sherlock... because he just cannot seem to find an honest place to emote from. In that series he was completely too much... and here well he's the exact opposite... too little but still annoyingly fidgety. I don't mean to be rude... really, if he gave me a performance worth watching I'd happily change my tune, but when a person reaches the highest of levels in their profession I don't think I'm alone in expecting more.
Anyway, this film got a nod in the Golden Globes Best Feature Film, Musical or Comedy category. And it is worth a watch. Though I doubt I'll ever feel the need to revisit it. I was just led to believe this would be a lot more fun than it ultimately was.

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