Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let The Right Me In

Goddamn it's good to see a remake that gets the original. And knowing that it's a Hammer film just makes so much sense. The expanded use of gore, like that acid face and the reddened burning vamp chick. Things are certainly taken to an extreme in Let Me In, but not to such a point that we ever lose the intimacy inherent to the story. I still prefer Let The Right One In, but as an American version that doesn't force me to read subtitles I'll gladly rewatch Let Me In in the future. It's such a good story to begin with because, let's face it, this is a realistic relationship... between a human and a vampire.... which means...? I don't think I'd ever seen an emotionally realistic relationship in a film like this, before the original. And to watch it similarly occur here is very nice. Maybe it'll force the few writers still considering writing a vamp picture (who didn't see the original) to try something new and more interesting with their work. But then, how long can this vampire craze really go on for?
See this movie.

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