Monday, September 27, 2010

Dedicated To The Bee...

I've been on set all weekend in case you were wondering. And while we had been working by every standard any animal care expert could use in a shoot with only one dog working under thirty minutes, we still managed to come up with a tragedy.

No. Not the dog.

As we shot the big crazy scene at the end of the film Barrett turned to me and said "I think something just stung me." He looked confused and held up what at first glance appeared an ultra-thin, bloodied splinter. We walked outside trying to warrant this surprising and head-scratching turn of events when I spotted the thing. A worker bee still barely clung to life on the collar of Barrett's shirt. "There's a bee on your shirt." I said as mildly as one can say such a sentence. And Barrett, "Where?" like a guy who just found out he had a bee on his shirt would, threw the thing directly at me (thanks a lot Barrett [lol]).

Contrary to popular belief no one squealed or said they could not shoot the rest of the scene. It was a minor incident to say the least... and Barrett handled it as best a man could without the proper training (what is the proper training[?]).

But I think the sense of tragedy on set became quite extreme as the night went on. Oh Mr. Bee (yes Mister), we'll never know why you chose to end your life so recklessly. Or what end you hoped to achieve. All we know is you sacrificed yourself for the sake of our little movie. And we cannot show you more gratitude than by writing you this obituary.

Perhaps now you can be at peace, no longer a sex slave to one woman sharing her with the infinits of your tribe, no longer picking honeysuckles (though you always liked that part the best, oh how wonderful those fields were... when you could find them in the Valley[?]), no longer having to crawl up into the tininess of a hive we could not find and squish in between all of your brothers as you tried to go to sleep as uncomfortable as ever. Now you are in a better... place.

I salute you Mr. Bee.

P.S. - Hopefully Barrett woke up and wasn't, in fact, allergic... but he took the brutal attack like a man, so props.


  1. Let this be a lesson to all those who think they can just wander onto a set without clearance.