Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Depressingly Docile Dexter

I'm a huge fan of the tv series Dexter, and as anyone who reads this regularly would know, I have been incredibly excited for the latest season. Number 5. But two episodes in, something is seriously wrong. The writing is stale. It's hard to care about the show when no one is willing to take chances. And after an epic season finale last year I think we deserve to see Dexter get into a little trouble... maybe go on the run... maybe GET CAUGHT. Yeah, it doesn't mean the show has to end. But it would be nice to get away from the secondary characters even for a little bit. Every time that Laguerta/Batista story comes on screen I feel my brain turning off waiting for Dexter to show up again. And even when he does return to screen it's a bland version of him. He barely accomplishes anything. My friend Gabe made a simple and accurate point, the most interesting part of last weeks episode was the two seconds when Quinn mentioned Dexter's alter ego in passing. Yes, two seconds of good material. Dexter we deserve more from you.

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