Sunday, May 30, 2010

"They'll Make It... They'll Make It..."

I hate that Dennis Hopper's dead. I hate that I'll never get to see his face in a new movie again. I hate that I'll never get to put him in a flick I make. But his life deserves a celebration... from chaos to redemption. I'm not planning to repeat his life story here, just check it out on any other news site, blog, or turn on the television. You'll see it come up somewhere. I just thought I'd post a little blip on how much I'll miss the guy.
He appears in some of my favorite movies and always gives a memorable performance. I'm using present tense because he'll always live on in his films.  And that's a beautiful thought. Art extends life. As long as Dennis Hopper's films survive, he still lives on.


  1. To be fair, he hasn't really been in anything lately, and he's been terminal for months. So I'm not very surprised.

    I'm sad though, I am. He was kind of awesome, I always bought him more in True Romance than I did in Easy Rider.

  2. Makes me think of the movies you and I watched -- Apocalypse Now, Easy Rider -- both very significant life experiences. "They'll make it." The great pity is that I'll never see him in your bigfoot movie. Now I have a hankering to see Elegy, a movie that proved eerily prophetic.