Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everything Returns To The Sun

I just finished my first round of online classes and it feels pretty good. Knowing that I need to want it, and I'm proving that I do... I feel accomplished. Since getting a job at the ArcLight, life's been a rampage of good feelings and hope for the future. I've been back to writing a new story and I'm working on getting my first one into a magazine (though, the way magazines are heading it'd just be to say I'm a published author etc. etc.). It would be exciting for me. Finally being able to have at least one dream realized. But I have to wait, wait for each magazine to respond one at a time, and they always take months. So it's a painful process. But life is good. Recently someone I was speaking to said "Life just sucks" and it made me feel very sad. I think life is just what we make of it... and if we let it suck, guess what... so, my logical statement is we're born and we die...

Eventually our bodies disappear into the Earth and eventually the Earth will return to the sun, and despite all of my talk about space exploration, it still ends the same, no matter where we are... Earth or some distant planet. We will always return to the center. It is inevitable. And with one of my favorite shows ending in a week, I'm just so thankful to be around to see its finale. Sometimes people never make it to the endpoint. Sometimes endpoints aren't worth it... But I have faith. LOST is gonna give us a real, solid ending and that's all anyone can ask for after six years. A solid ending, a point from which to draw a line and say this is what it led to.
Anyway, my favorite thing right now is having NEW movies back... being able to go see flicks in a theater whenever I want. It makes me feel like a whole person again

and the knowledge that Everything Returns To The Sun:
1. Daylight And The Sun - Antony & The Johnsons
2. The Moon Asked The Crow - CocoRosie
3. It Never Rains - Dire Straits
4. Baby Blue - Dave Matthews Band
5. Moses Don't Get Lost - The Duhks
6. Thieves - She & Him
7. All The Beautiful Things - Eels
8. Demetrius - Sufjan Stevens
9. Epitaph - King Crimson
10. Walk With Me - Moby
11. Flash's Theme - Louis XIV
12. Lucid Dreams - Franz Ferdinand
13. Man Of A Thousand Faces - Regina Spektor
14. Midnight - Red Hot Chili Peppers
15. Lemonade - CocoRosie
16. Cloud Of Unknowing - Gorillaz
17. What Was It You Wanted - Bob Dylan

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