Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Love You... Farewell.

I was there the day Oceanic 815 hit a pocket of electromagnetic energy and crash landed on an island... I was there when Locke found he could walk and Rose's cancer miraculously went away... I was there when Tom stepped out of the closet. So before you wonder how big a fan I am... just remember... I was there.
Like Desmond stumbling headlong into a race around the world he obviously wasn't ready for, tomorrow night I will watch the final two and a half hours of LOST ever. It's over. This is "The End". And I don't know how to feel anymore. Even if I never know the island's most intimate secrets I still love this show. I can't see it disappointing like BSG (Battlestar Galactica... note the BS). It only has one way to take us, and that's to an absolute finale. I know it will at least feel over when it's done. And that's important to me. I need a sense of closure from all of these characters. I need a Six Feet Under reprisal...
it should be that epic. And perhaps we'll get that. Perhaps the writers will give us a chance to say goodbye to all of our friends one by one... That would be so nice. And maybe, if it's good enough, it will be a tear worthy ending (there are so few of those).

The day of "The Pilot" I remember looking over to my good friend. We both had that look in our eyes. We both knew this was something that would take up many hours of our lives. So it's strange to think that after tomorrow night there will be need of something new. I'm a sci-fi geek, so this show hit the spot. And it's so hard because so few others understand the formula... the format... or anything that could bring another sci-fi series to this level of glory (though they do try). So what's the plan from here on out? Just wait and see? That is such a troublesome thought. I just have to wait and hope that another show will come along and capture some of this magic?

I love Dexter and Breaking Bad... but these are different kinds of television. They are based in "reality" and there is very little of the Escapist elements that make LOST so wonderful. So that being said, I challenge every television network (even those I hate... you know who you are) to find that perfect Escapist show and give it a real shot. I'll watch. I'll watch for anyone that can make it happen.

That's how desperate I feel right now... I would even watch CBS. If they could do it I would sit down every night and sit through the bull that is their advertising sect just to watch a show of quality, creativity, and mind. That's how big a hole LOST will leave in my life.
I love you... I'll miss you... See you in another life, brotha... Farewell.

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