Friday, February 27, 2015

Wetlands Is Pretty Gross

I know I'm late to the vomit orgy on this one, but damn... If you're a queasy personality, you should probably stop reading now, and forget this movie even exists.
Wetlands is the story of Helen, an 18-year-old girl who's been suffering from hemorrhoids her entire life... her mother is a piece of work who tortured her as a child with cleanliness accidentally pushing her so far in the other direction that Helen intentionally sits on and rubs up against any toilet she sees... and she intentionally makes messy work of it every time she shaves. This latter item leads her to the hospital as she accidentally knicks her annus just over one of those hemorrhoids. But as she wakes up from surgery, she realizes this just may be the perfect way to get her divorced parents back together. How one can come to such a conclusion, I really couldn't tell you but that's the plot.
But for all of that grossness, it's not a terrible movie. Though it does lose its grip on its characters towards the end and ultimately fails to give a real concise final thought or finale. Helen is just a difficult character to get on board with, and while I appreciate Carla Juri's performance, a solid actress who looks great naked does not prove to be enough to take the ick factor and make it digestible. Still, I suppose this film says a great deal more about life in Germany than it possibly could say about America.
If you've really got a morbid curiosity, Wetlands is the right flick for you. It's interesting enough, but damn is it sick to watch. Just recognize, you may want to keep an empty bag nearby.

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