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Gold Rush 2015 (Part 2)

This is the second part of an annual Oscar conversation between Walter of The Silver Screening Room and Caleb of Who Is The March King? To find Part 1, VISIT THE SILVER SCREENING ROOM HERE.

Hahaha Darling I'm so much more interesting and charming than everyone else,
I couldn't care less that the Academy constantly leaves me off their ballot...

Silver Screener:  Let's talk about something incredible, like THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, which is sure to win at least four Oscars

March King:  I'm down. I would be totally okay with THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL winning Best Picture.

SS:  Me too.

MK:  For me it's that or BIRDMAN... or WHIPLASH.

SS:  THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, BOYHOOD, and SELMA made it to my Top Ten. But THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, yes, my God! Even though it truly deserves to be in Adapted Screenplay, I think it's going to win for Original; I expect it to score for Costume, Production Design, and Score; and if it won Picture, I would stand, applaud, and squeal!

MK:  That'd be cool, right? Though I have to respectfully disagree about score.

SS:  You don't think so?!?!

MK:  Don't get me wrong, Despalt did an awesome job. But for me that category was a tossup between MR. TURNER and UNDER THE SKIN. And since UNDER THE SKIN didn't even get so much as a sniff from the Academy, MR. TURNER gets my vote.

You hear that?! They think we deserve an Oscar!!

SS:  I agree that MR. TURNER's score is great -- and my personal vote would go for INTERSTELLAR -- but I think the Academy will go with THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.

MK:  I wonder if it'll be another of those weird situations where the votes get split... after all, Alexandre Desplat is also nominated for THE IMITATION GAME.

SS:  Oh shit that's right!

MK:  But I guess this is one of those, we'll just have to wait and see kind of things.

SS:  Well isn't it always?

MK:  Well, if THE LEGO MOVIE had gotten nominated... I think I've made your point for you.

It's best not to count your Lego chickens before they're mounted on the baseboard.

SS:  Hopefully, this means THE BOXTROLLS, which was always the Best Animated Film of the Year, gets the Oscar.

MK:  Disagree. But I did like it. That's gonna be a tough category without the frontrunner. BIG HERO 6 was pretty cool. And THE TALE OF THE PRINCESS KAGUYA was beautiful if not a little too weird. But HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 (while not as good as the original) was dark and moody and a totally interesting expansion of that world. And who's to say SONG OF THE SEA doesn't deserve to be there? I can't find a single theatre showing it, so how could I know?

SS:  Is it even real? What is it?

MK:  I don’t know! Still THE LEGO MOVIE was so original and fun and interesting. There's nothing else out there quite like it. And it so meticulously captured what it's like to play with your favorite toys. That's my biggest snub.

SS:  True! I did love THE LEGO MOVIE, don't get me wrong.

MK:  That brings up a fun question Walter... What would be your biggest snub of the 2015 Academy Awards?

SS:  PRIDE for Original Screenplay, Picture. THE HOMESMAN for Cinematography, Score.

MK:  THE HOMESMAN deserves some serious credit.

Don't worry about me guys! I've been through far worse than blatant Oscar snubbery, in fact in my day they used to  hang me up by my pajamas and let the entire town walk by and laugh at my absolute humiliation... So you know, no Oscar don't mean much to me.

SS:  THE HOMESMAN is so fucking good! Or did you mean movies that had a shot going in, where the snubs were shockers? Because in that case, GONE GIRL in Adapted Screenplay.

MK:  No... anything in any category. My second biggest snub is Jake Gyllenhaal for Best Actor.

SS:  Uggggh still stiiiiings.

I would've just pawned that statuette anyway.

MK:  My third... Micachu (Mica Levi) for UNDER THE SKIN.

SS:  Yeah, the score was great for UNDER THE SKIN. Can't deny, even if the rest of the movie fell flat for me. Timothy Spall for Best Actor!

MK:  He was fucking amazing!!!!! MR. TURNER may have lost me towards the end as a film, but his performance never waned.

SS:  I love what Mike Leigh gets out of his actors. You never doubt them.

MK:  They are my favorite ensemble of the season. Everyone in that film knew exactly what world they were in. And they played it to the rafters.

SS:  I heard they spent, like, a year rehearsing the movie before they started filming. Which is typical Leigh. And I think we see the work on-screen, and the fact that none of it is nominated anywhere -- not even the BAFTAs -- is insane!

MK:  Just blatant ignorance from the cinema community. Though, on another note... Dick Pope did get nominated for Cinematography... and he should win.

SS:  Really? Over BIRDMAN?

MK:  Well... then again... any other year... he should've won…

SS:  I mean, I agree, but I figured I was in the minority…

MK:  You’re right. Emmanuel Lubezki probably has that category all kinds of locked up.

SS:  oh yeah

MK:  That's a strong category too. THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL and IDA are legitimately beautiful flicks. And even UNBROKEN... which thank god it didn't get nominated for the big stuff... does look pretty good.

SS:  I wouldn't have minded a supporting actor nom for Miyavi...

MK:  Yeah. He was a shining light in an otherwise bland and recycled movie.

SS:  But at the same time, I could have sacrificed UNBROKEN's spot for THE HOMESMAN.

MK:  True. THE HOMESMAN looked better. I guess it just didn't have enough of a push during For Your Consideration season. That's a real shame.

SS:  Siiiigh...but why live in the past? The big Question: who walks away with Picture and Director? BIRDMAN or BOYHOOD?

I got this guys.

MK:  BIRDMAN... but it's close… Or BOYHOOD… I don't know. I honestly… Don't… Know. I thought I knew, but when you put the question so bluntly like that... and when I see how wrong the Academy's gotten it in the past I fear it's gonna go to something weird... like AMERICAN SNIPER... because Eastwood fucking owns the Academy.


MK:  That would be great! I would totally love that. But do I trust them to make such a right move? The answer is... probably not.

SS:  Honey, if Eastwood owned the Academy, they would've been a lot kinder to J. EDGAR and HEREAFTER and INVICTUS and GRAN TORINO and... I won't be surprised if it's a BIRDMAN night.

MK:  None of those movies were even remotely good enough...

SS:  Since when has that stopped the Academy?

MK:  Since they realized how much of a public shit storm was raining down on them after CRASH! Somehow it always comes back to fucking CRASH!!! Fuck CRASH!!!! But fortunately it hasn't happened since then... we should never forget our history... lest we repeat it.

It's happening all over again ain't it?

SS:  Yeah. CRASH. Terrible night. But there is no CRASH equivalent this year, thankfully. I think the expanded Best Picture list helps that -- I think the fact that the industry seems to be embracing BIRDMAN helps even more.

MK:  You know, I think you're right. I have high hopes for these Oscars. There's more than enough quality material up for nomination to make this year a respectable one in the history books.

SS:  I always have high hopes for the Oscars!

MK:  I wish I could say the same.

SS:  I honestly find they get it right, or close to right, more often than not.

MK:  Yeah. I suppose. I should try to stop getting so held up on the unwarranted snubs and give them more of a chance. But when you get such a large group of people together with so many differing opinions, you're gonna end up with a few questionable calls in the end... particularly in Best Picture. The Academy uses a totally baffling voting scale for that one category. And the members really have been getting confused. You don't just pick the one film you think was the best... you rank each film that's been nominated... and then the film with the most number one rankings still may not get the ultimate prize... because maybe another film got more second and third rankings... It's totally awkward and already a very antiquated system.

SS:  I love it because it goes to the picture that most people like…
I think.


MK:  Alright. Well I guess we'll leave it at that for now. This year's gonna be a good one for the Oscars. And I really am excited to see what happens.

The 87th Annual Academy Awards air tomorrow, February 22nd at 4pm PST.

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