Friday, February 27, 2015

So I Watched The Interview...

Man, this was a weird movie.
If you don't know by now (where have you been??), The Interview is the comedy about the attempted assassination of current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It embodies a very common American sentiment of late, and one that no one has really been particularly shy about articulating in the media or elsewhere... However, for whatever reason this intentionally stupid comedy of all things managed to gain the attention and ire of the dictator himself.
So a lot of really pointless questions come to mind about whether or not the film was worth it... or whether or not free speech has come into question in our country (SPOILER: IT HASN'T). But then there is a more direct question to be asked. Did this movie even remotely deserve the attention it wound up getting because of this whole "mess?" I gotta say, it didn't. Sure I laughed a little here and there... and the film even managed to make me think it was gonna make a real point about halfway through... before it totally decimated that point and threw all of its cards on the table in an attempt to force its audience to feel like 52 card pickup was actually a fun way to pass the time.
Seth Rogen and James Franco are a couple of fun and funny guys. But the more they do films together, the less the overall content of said film seems to matter. This Is The End was a surprisingly good time... but I don't think I'd call it a good movie... and I definitely did not enjoy it as much as  their first endeavour, Pineapple Express. Well The Interview is an additional step down even from that. It's clumsy and poorly paced. And unfortunately, the relevancy it found in the one scene where Sook (Diana Bang) speaks out against murder in the name of change was almost immediately ruined by the events that followed. But perhaps that's just me. It seems Rogen and Franco really would prefer to just make action movies. They keep claiming these are comedies, but I'm starting to think as time goes by that that just isn't true.
The Interview is an intentionally stupid film. But under the surface of that, it is unintentionally even dumber. And while I admire the filmmakers' attempts at the very end to "tie everything together" this film as a whole just doesn't work. It's a bad idea made worse by poor planning... and it's really not worth your time or money. Oh well.

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