Saturday, August 30, 2014

The End Of Summer 2014

Alright guys. This summer is officially over for the movie industry.

It's been a long and trying one with a very few bright spots.

Since I can't honestly consider The Winter Soldier a summer movie (it came out in April) here's a list of the flicks that really stood out to me:


Edge of Tomorrow

How to Train Your Dragon 2

22 Jump Street


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

A Most Wanted Man

Guardians of the Galaxy


The Trip to Italy

Given the way the successful weekends were broken up, I'm actually surprised that I found nine really solid movies to talk about. But the reality is, this summer has probably been no slower than in the past. However, the anticipation of what's coming up in the next couple of years makes this slate look kind of puny. The way too big blockbusters are coming, and we're hyping ourselves up... because everything we've wanted to see since we were little kids watching saturday morning cartoons is about to come smack us in the face in the form of overstuffed, big-budget monstrosities of film. Who wouldn't want to see that? Avengers 2? Batman/Superman? and Justice League? Jurassic World? Star Wars sequels? and I can't remember what else? Ugh, we're not gonna know what to do cause our pockets are gonna be empty from all the movie theatre visits.

Anyway, I'm gonna be MIA for the next couple weeks. When I get back I'm gonna have to play some serious catchup. But in the immortal words of Rebecca Pidgeon, "That's life, That's Hollywood."

So here are a few of the flicks I'll hopefully be getting around to watching when I return:

Get On Up



Love is Strange

The One I Love


The Notebook

Hope y'all have a great end of summer!!

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