Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rounding Out The Oscar Docs With The Square

I finally got around to seeing the square...
The last of the five Oscar nominated documentaries, and I assume the first Oscar nomination Netflix has received for original content. And believe it or not, it feels as though I saved the best for last.
Jehane Noujaim constructed an exciting and very informative journey into the heart of the current Egyptian uprising. At every turn the audience is made to feel the true dangers of the situation and in fact, we frequently see that danger hit these people head on. When my friend leaned over and said, "I've never been a part of something as important as what these guys are doing," I realized how true a sentiment that was.
Ahmed Hassan and his friends are literally fighting for basic human freedoms. All their lives, and for centuries before that, Egypt has been under one dictatorship or another. The people of that country have been oppressed for far too long. And finally technology (ie. internet, social media, film) have given them a voice. Of course, I found myself wishing they would stop making so many mistakes... form a constitution before anything else goes down guys! You have to get organized!!
Sorry, the simple truth is, these are people who are just now learning what freedom can really taste like. They will make mistakes and that in and of itself is rather interesting. But it's more important to recognize the meaning of their struggle. One day we will have to be a world united by peace. The stepping stones require freedom for all humans and an ability to go to school and learn and be informed by people in other places leading different lives.
The revolution seen in The Square is still ongoing, and it is incredibly important that we as a people recognize their purpose and their plight. I know I said in earlier posts I wouldn't get political, but this just became my front runner for the Academy Award.

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