Thursday, February 20, 2014

Did Anyone Else Realize The Oscars Dropped A Nominee?

So it turns out there's gonna be one less Oscar nominee this awards season.

After surprisingly giving the small film Alone Yet Not Alone the nod for Best Song, the Academy ruthlessly stripped the production of its lone nomination. They sighted improper campaigning as the reason, but a film of this size honestly didn't stand a chance to begin with. The weird thing is, had it been a larger production, I bet the Academy would've let the nomination stand... not said anything and perhaps taken it off of voters ballets without creating this embarrassing atmosphere that the producers must now live in.

The whole thing stemmed from an email that as far as I can tell was honestly legal. But then I've never really understood the Academy's rules or rather their implementation of them.

Now I'm not religious, and I feel like people are improperly making this a religion issue since the production was a faith oriented one. But that doesn't mean injustice hasn't been done here.

Honestly, the Academy should be ashamed of themselves for their decision to omit a legitimately nominated contender.

To be honest, I don't think it would've won regardless, but the people who put the work in to make it a real song deserve better than this.

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