Friday, October 4, 2013

Prisoners... In The End You Probably Won't Care

I just got back from Prisoners.
It was an alright movie, though surprisingly riddled with flaws.

The overwhelming consensus I have heard from others on this film is that it is too full of holes. Which is funny, because I didn't really notice any recognizable plot holes... more like unnecessary plot tangents. Unless they were referring to physical holes, like holes in the ground or underneath houses or cars...
"They must've seen Prisoners."
because then, yes, I agree there probably were just a few too many. But what this flick suffers from is... well the tangent thing. Sometimes we can call that a red herring, but I feel like in this one it's just unnecessary plot additions that added to the already overbearing length of the movie (2hrs 26 minutes).

This issue may come from the writers not knowing where they were going from the outset (the final moment was kind of awkward). But then rewrites should certainly have helped. So I'm left wondering if the studio was responsible.
Alcon Entertainment has a rather questionable track record in my opinion. They're responsible for my least favorite Chris Nolan flick (Insomnia) as well as 16 Blocks and The Wicker Man remake. And those are the memorable ones. Most studios tend to have a mixed bag. Some good films, some bad, and maybe one or two or three great ones. But when going down their list of product, I see none of the latter and not much in the way of the former either.

However there were several great performances and the look and style of the movie were solid which is why I can't blame the actors and I'm shy to blame the director.
Jake Gyllenhaal gave an excellent performance and I think Hugh Jackman (who I thought could've won best actor last year for Les Mis) is  building up to one of those performances that forever makes haters stop hating... he just didn't quite get there this time around. Paul Dano really could've been anybody in this film. But that's not his fault... unless you wanna blame an actor for taking a job. I think he did what he could with the role he was given. And Viola Davis continues to be consistently good in everything she does.

Obviously it's not for me to tell anyone what they can and can't see. But at this point in the season, there are just too many other good films coming out for you to have to waste your time with a film like Prisoners.

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