Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern: Some Good, Some Bad

Definite Spoilers

I'll begin by saying, I was surprisingly and happily entertained by a great deal of this movie. It's amazing to finally see my favorite DC character brought to screen and so grandly at that. The writers really worked hard to find those great bits of the ring's powers that make me giddy...

I said they worked hard, I didn't say they always succeeded.
Oops, did I put that in there?
When I get right down to the crux of the thing the studio was likely the problem. Because I look at everything else and see it actually working:

Actors - Literally all fantastic!

FX - Gorgeous! Magnificent! When the ring is used and we see what Hal can do... That race track sequence had me giggling to high heaven. Those guns! Oh man I was happy. And Parallax was a great villain.

Direction - The action just worked. Perhaps there is some fault in the final editing but... who's to say who's at fault for that. I can easily see WB coming in and muddling with the project. And truly, that almost exact 2 hour run time is suspicious to say the least.

So what was the trouble?

Writing - I hate to say that what I saw on screen was a Camel...
But it's the truth. I could feel a different voice depending on what part of the movie I was watching, whether it be a specific writer or a final stamp saying just get on with it...

Specifically I'm referring to that scene when the two villains finally meet... and the scene that occurs during the credits. Neither of these bits were earned and that's where the negativity lies. Much of what occurs in the movie is not earned. It's a very general note, but that's really what bothered me the most. Whether it be a character hitting their ARC in exposition...
Or them seemingly not having an ARC at all...
Or in the event of poor Peter Sarsgaard (who worked his ass off mind you), a total confusion of what makes the ARC interesting...
very little in the story actually came from an honestly structured recognition of what these characters were feeling or why they did what they did or wanted to do. The end result left critics panning the thing when it really didn't deserve such a reaction.

Honestly I'm sad that there couldn't be a little more focus, but for my money I can still say I'd see a sequel (I didn't have to pay this time anyway). But here's my thought. If Warner Bros decides to release an extended edition with 20 minutes worth of film "added back in" I wouldn't be surprised... I wouldn't be surprised and I'd buy it on the spot. Because I think the greatest fear here was pacing. And I think that some very important things were cut because of this made up fear. So for my money I want those extra scenes, that arc that's missing. I want more. And I do want a sequel. I do I do I do.

If you disagree:
I understand. But I also feel like you should give the flick a chance. Don't walk in expecting to hate it. Walk in thinking, "Oh man, Green Lantern on the big screen!" Cause that's what it's all about. Am I right?

Definite Spoilers

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