Monday, May 2, 2011

Didn't You Sleep?

Man it's been a weird little while.

So last night the news broke... Bin Laden Dead. And I'm sitting there thinking about it and wondering what it really means. Obviously it's good for Obama's approval ratings and I don't want to know what Fox News will make of it. But... it's big and weird and now things just go back to normal. We'll get a few films about the people who managed to take him down, the plan that made it happen, etc. etc. And in the coming weeks/months/years we'll get more and more information about what exactly that plan entailed and how it was executed.

It's been ten years. It took ten years to find this guy. So here's my beef... and it's small and petty and doesn't matter...

I came up with an idea for a movie last year. I took too long to sit down and write it, though traditionally it would have taken more time than I had to finish. Not to mention I had to complete that other project I mentioned last month. And now the idea is pretty much void. It could still work as a film... a Political Fiction wherein the key idea of Bin Laden becomes someone else. But I wanted to write Political Speculation. That was the fun of it. Without the option of Bin Laden I feel it loses its edge. The basic premise would still be cool outside of this, but I've lost my lust for it.

One day I may come back to the concept as it really does manage to hit on some interesting ideas, but without that edge I don't have to write it anymore. And that's really the key for me. "Do I have to write this here and now?" That is my drive... the need to get it out.

Let me change gears. The wishy-washy attitude of news anchors today is abhorrent. Sure, ratings are a factor... but we should have been told by the president. It's a measly argument, I know... but our nations news sets an example for the rest of the world. And that example is currently foul.

Short and sweet. Do you think it'll get to them?

Oh well... Didn't You Sleep?:

1. All My Mistakes - Teitur
2. Mists Of Down Below - The Duhks
3. Glass, Concrete & Stone - David Byrne
4. The Strange Design Of Conscience - The Flaming Lips
5. Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key - Billy Bragg & Wilco
6. Waltz Of The Naked Clowns - Eels
7. 2HB - Roxy Music
8. Don't Forget Me - Red Hot Chili Peppers
9. Highwayman - Johnny Cash
10. Prairie Fire That Wanders About - Sufjan Stevens
11. Summer In Savannah - Iron & Wine
12. The Impulse - The Flaming Lips
13. Nite Flights - David Bowie
14. Brazilian Sun - CocoRosie
15. SeƱor (Tales of Yankee Power) - Calexico & Willie Nelson
16. The Distance From Everyone To You - Louis XIV
17. The Last Time - Gnarls Barkley
18. Cello Song - The Books
19. Funnel Of Love - Wanda Jackson
20. Sleep Tonight - Stars

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