Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If Only Space Were Closer To Home

Recently my friend Andrew Kappas (Writer/Director) made a comment about Obama's plans for NASA and the space program. You may recall my stand on the Ares. What follows is my response to the situation:

Normally I'd agree that this was a stupid move... but this situation is very iffy. I've been following the Ares program for a while and must say, have been very underwhelmed. The thing was so similar to Apollo that it didn't even really make sense. The reason Obama's pushing to cancel this particular program (instituted during the Bush administration) is because NASA wasn't given a chance to think radically about the new technologies they could pursue. Now we have a chance to focus on technology that can actually help us... it doesn't help anybody if we just go to the moon and come back... it doesn't help anybody if we just go to mars and come back. It helps everybody if we institute a social progression plan that leads to new homes for people and advanced travel techniques etc. etc. NASA'll figure it out. They're pretty smart over there. I think in a very short time we'll hear some interesting and exciting news from the spacehouse.

Find more on the subject HERE.

If Only Space Were Closer To Home:

1. Satellite - Dave Matthews Band
2. A Better Future -  David Bowie
3. The Sky Is Broken - Moby
4. The Water - Feist
5. Wire To Wire - Razorlight
6. Weird Divide - The Shins
7. We Need Love - Hard-Fi
8. We Used To Know - Jethro Tull
9. It's Not Enough - The Who
10. The Gallery - Muse
11. Dark Center Of The Universe - Modest Mouse
12. Nightmare Part II - The Zutons
13. The Eternal - Kings Of Convenience
14. Tina - Louis XIV
15. I Don't Know - Lisa Hannigan
16. Eet - Regina Spektor
17. Forever Changes Everything Now - Moonbabies
18. Gravity - Coldplay
19. The Abandoned Hospital Ship - The Flaming Lips