Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The U Part 2: Yet Another Gut-Wrenching 30 For 30

While this 30 for 30 was in many ways a sequel to the original doc The U, it's really its own thing by the end. Sure both films are about the same franchise, but at very different times in its history. And ultimately, the story seems to completely separate from any comparison to the first as bigger issues take hold.
The U Part 2 is the most recent 30 for 30 from ESPN Films. It's the story of how the University of Miami, once a great and storied football franchise, came back from the lower dregs of the NCAA to make a run for the title once again... and perhaps find itself with another dynasty. However, the fates had different plans, and just as things begin to seriously turn around, one desperately bad officiating decision manages to throw the entire organization into chaos. Once again, the concept of "Student Athlete" becomes an absurd question mark on the face of college sports, and ultimately the league itself comes under fire for its obscure and unreliable decision making.
What The U Part 2 manages to do so well, is bring you into a story you think you understand and then turn it on its head. The truth about what happened between UM and the NCAA is absurd and ultimately I am left with the same lingering question... Why is it legal for colleges to make money off of students playing sports without real payment? No, I don't think a scholarship is enough for these guys. They put their bodies in harms way for their teams, and if they get injured, they may end up with nothing to show for it.
I'm beginning to wonder how many times this question has to be brought into the spotlight before the NCAA finally comes around... In my mind, there's a real legitimate reason to call for that organization's disbandment under legal and ethical clauses.
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