Monday, September 15, 2014

Love Is Strange Was Delightful

The most epic casting of the year comes here... in Love is Strange.
Someone stood up at a meeting somewhere and made that choice to cast Alfred Molina alongside John Lithgow as a loving couple. You get two actors of that caliber to state your case and everyone 's gotta be on board. Right?
And boy do they shine. Each of them gets their time to shine with some truly incredible albeit quite subtle moments. I was just sitting back in awe of their performances all movie long. And I'm grateful to have had this experience during what is often a very questionable month for film.

But let's step away from those two actors for just a moment. Love is Strange was just an interesting film to me in general. The message is an important one and the flick itself creates a seemingly level playing field for conversation to anyone willing to sit down in the theatre and watch. Because the message is simply: Love. And Love no matter the boundaries. That everyone can and should be allowed to experience it and not be condemned for that. Love is personal, and learning to love is quite hard. So to witness two people, no matter who they are, who have discovered the essence of that, is just a magical thing.

Love is Strange moves slowly, but in the best possible way. It allows the story to wash over you in a rather beautiful manner. And it doesn't hit you over the head with unnecessary editing. Rather, it plays to its strength... the actors.

This is, in my opinion, a must see.

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