Friday, June 20, 2014

The Rover Mostly Just Confused Me

David Michôd made an excellent film... back in 2010. It was called Animal Kingdom. It was even nominated for an Oscar. So naturally I was excited to catch his most recent attempt, The Rover. But the elements that held Animal Kingdom so firmly together, failed to keep The Rover in check.
This is a movie without a purpose. For the first half, you're wondering where it's going and maybe even actually want to know... but by the time the credits roll, everything that's happened becomes quickly forgettable. Like a bad midseason basketball game where it's clear the guys are just going through the motions. Of course, the inclusion of Robert Pattinson just further cements my knowledge that he doesn't have what it takes as an actor... but that's not the real problem here. In fact, for the majority of the movie I was able to just ignore his piss poor delivery and awkward/unbelievable accent. But once the final frames played... and I'm not gonna tell you the ending here... so highlight below if you wanna know...

Basically all of this happens so Guy Pearce can finally bury his dog... which was in the back of the car that was stolen from him... and the sole reason why he wanders off and kills all sorts of innocent people...

...I just started laughing. Because not only did they not stick the ending, but there wasn't even a real ending to stick. You know?
I still think Michôd can be an excellent filmmaker and I did truly enjoy Guy Pearce's performance even if it was a tad one note. But The Rover is essentially a pointless movie. At moments it seems as if it is going to shine brightly, and it has its fair share of brutally honest moments. But my final overall analysis is, I could have done something or watched something far more interesting with those (practically) two hours. Oh well, you can't win em all.

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