Friday, January 10, 2014

The Blackfish Needs A Real Home... And An Oscar

Finally watching Blackfish, my jaw consistently hung to the floor.
The raw imagery they managed to collect was both stunning and horrifying. And I believe a group of people have finally given us substantial enough evidence that Sea World and other like "theme parks" that desecrate intelligent life forms must return "their animals" to their natural habitats... set them free... free willy...
They've been trying to tell us for years...
I apologize if I'm sounding too political or judgmental or whatever, but if you watch Blackfish you'll know exactly how I'm feeling. See, The Cove was an excellent step in trying to protect dolphins, but ultimately the difference will come down to convincing a government that does not wish to be convinced. It made (pun intended) waves, but has not yet completed its goal. Blackfish, on the other hand, has a much stronger foothold. It shows us the lack of credibility behind a certain corporation and anyone who sees the film can "actively" just not go to Sea World. It's so easy. Fighting a government that's set in its ways is one thing... but fighting a corporation is so much easier... just don't buy their product.

Apparently, since Blackfish's release, Sea World is already experiencing record lows in attendance and public support. And that's a good thing. The evidence is just too blunt to ignore and until they learn how to make a family friendly park without abusing another life form, they don't deserve our money.
Blackfish is an eye-opening experience and I expect to see it in the running for best documentary this year. If you get a chance, you can watch it on Netflix right now.

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