Monday, December 2, 2013

A Solid Remake For Oldboy

Oldboy had been skipping through Hollywood directors' hands for a little while before Spike Lee got to stake his claim to the property.
He threw in some of his old tricks,

but ultimately managed to create a worthy successor to the original... rather, if it had to be made I'm glad it was made this way with this cast and crew. Because they didn't hold back. Sure there are a few minor discrepancies. Perhaps the editing could have been more consistent and the ending was a little off...

I recall a certain someone taking a certain something to a certain part of their body that you would never take that something to in the original.
End Spoiler

But over all, it was there. The same movie repackaged in a language I can understand with a cast that I recognize in a part of the world that I may have visited at some point in my life. Like Vanilla Sky, Let The Right One In, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo before it... I really don't have a problem with remakes like this so long as they stay true to the source material. Even though I still maintain a deep affection for each of those originals.
Josh Brolin was pretty much perfect. I gotta say, I grow more fond of his acting chops with each movie. He's managed to subtly activate a different kind of energy for every one of his roles over the last 10 years. That's worth a couple thumbs up and a trip to the bank. Same goes for Elizabeth Olsen. I've only caught two of her films thus far (the other being Martha Marcy May Marlene), but she has done an excellent job in both. She is by far the most talented Olsen sibling.
Samuel L. Jackson played his part well. It was so fun watching him go back to his acting roots with this role. It reminded me of Jackie Brown, True Romance, and Hard Eight all at once. Sharlto Copley was again an interesting choice. I think the audience instantly sees him and wants to side with him, but he's so obviously a sick individual this time around that it forces some weird emotions on all of us. Let me note that while we were introduced to him as a sort of hero in District 9, his last two big films have had him playing very bad people. Makes me wonder if he'll ever be the good guy again.
Spike Lee pulled it together this time around and brought us a pretty solid interpretation of a known and loved piece of art. So I've gotta say, "thanks Spike for not screwing it up."

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