Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Haha... Oh, Last Vegas

Well I wasn't planning to go see it... but somehow I wound up in the theatre for Last Vegas...
And I had a great time!
Everybody was clearly enjoying themselves during the making of this movie and when you've got a cast like this... Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, and Michael Douglas... Mary Steenburgen... uh, Jerry Ferrara (who was surprisingly solid here), and Romany Malco in supporting roles... really good things happen.

The movie has a vibrancy to it that made me want to relate to my friends like that.
Whatever "that" is.

Sure it gets very silly now and then, with Morgan Freeman's luck at the blackjack table and the room they get in the hotel being so outrageous (amongst other things), but that all feels like a natural piece of that world.

Jon Turtletaub makes hit and miss flicks. But that won't stop me from being damn glad I made it into this theatre. I really needed something light like this to ease my mind.

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  1. YUP. Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman should do more movies together. And I really did crack up over the "Oh, God, is it prostate cancer?" bits.