Saturday, September 7, 2013

One Way Or Another... You're Coming With Me

Damn those words are so frightening when Peter Weller says them!
For those of you who haven't heard, there's a RoboCop reboot coming out. It stars a pretty epic cast in an extremely misguided attempt to try and make up for the fact that it is totally unnecessary. But then, when you get a scene like this

in the original, how can you ever hope to achieve what they did back in the 80s?

Look, in reality I'm not opposed to rebooting this. I love the original. There's nothing a new one can do to take that away from me. And the funny thing about the idea of rebooting is, there's always hope that they'll get something right we never thought we'd get to see since technology is always allowing for new things. But still, RoboCop is one of those films that set a bar no one's ever been able to reach... particularly not the sequels. What actually worries me is how pisspoor a job they've seemed to have done with all of the material at their fingertips.

From the look of it, the problems stem from the screenplay up. The cast is very interesting, but for a completely different movie.

Elementally, what they've done is take the compelling RoboCop concept and... turned it on its head. But why? If Murphy doesn't go through that insane sequence at the beginning

RoboCop (1987) - Clip "Officer Murphy Dies" [VO... by conscience-tranquille
how are we as an audience supposed to feel his pain? And how are we going to feel his triumph in the end if he already remembered everything the whole time?

The thing about the first RoboCop that always interested me the most was watching Murphy slowly regain his humanity. Based on that trailer, it's looking to me like that whole concept has just been thrown right out the window. And don't get me started on the inclusion of his family... but then I guess I just haven't seen this movie yet. I guess, my best course of action will be to completely forget how much I love the original until the lights come back on at which point I'm pretty sure I know what I'll be doing back at home for the next 102 minutes to get that icky reboot taste out of my mouth.
That icky reboot taste is about to get... well I'll let you revisit the original if you don't recall.

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