Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love Short Term 12

I'm a little late to the punch on this one, but A couple days ago I saw small film called Short Term 12.
Brie Larson has seriously grown on me since Scott Pilgrim, and John Gallagher Jr is just awesome in The Newsroom. But while this movie wouldn't be the same without either of them, it would likely still be a good movie. There's something in the writer's perspective that just got me.

Destin Cretton has only a few short films to his credit, but he hit one out of the park in his first feature attempt. There are two key moments that I remember most strongly and they will likely affect the way I view writing for the next few of months leading up to the Oscars.

One excellent rap sequence.
And one truly interesting and insightful children's story.
What's so powerful in these scenes is Destin's surprising dedication to creating a completely believable character and somehow making sure we understand exactly where that character comes from. And he does this with two drastically different people in two completely different ways.

It's not that this is a most difficult feat, or that we never see this happen in movies... rather I think it is the way Destin maturely managed the timing, purpose, and executions of both of these scenes to make the audience genuinely come together and sort of just understand exactly what at heart this movie was about. I suppose I'm just glad I went out of my way to see Short Term 12.

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