Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Joss Whedon Is Becoming A Production Machine

The speculation on late blooming Cabin In The Woods can take a backseat in my mind for the next couple months (it comes out in April) as I mull over the fact that one of my favorite, frequently ignored writer/directors, Joss Whedon is on a mission. With Cabin looming, Joss has recently finished production on big budget Marvel/Disney tentative blockbuster The Avengers as well as a very under the radar adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing (a personal favorite of mine). And now he's announced yet another mystery project (In Your Eyes?). What excites me most is the idea that Joss Whedon who has suffered more than a few set backs in recent years (Dollhouse cancelled, Firefly cancelled, Angel cancelled) is blooming into a production machine.
Dr. Horrible was a tremendous success and it seems studios are finally recognizing what an excellent creative mind Joss has. But let's not ignore the other factor that I am certain studios are salivating for; Joss can make quality material, cheaply. Dr. Horrible had literally no budget and won an Emmy. Much Ado was shot over a long vacation weekend and I'm assuming it'll be of good quality. Not to mention, the man is responsible for a massive television franchise in Buffy and Angel respectively. His film Serenity was only made because diehard fans pushed for the Firefly finale to happen. People are genuinely passionate about Joss' work. I know I am. And I'm excited to see what new steps he takes with his career once The Avengers comes along. I thoroughly expect it to be big, hard hitting, excitement.

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