Saturday, July 16, 2011

She Don't Know

Sometimes these titles make more sense long after inception than I anticipate.

This month has been a rush of craziness. It's summer, it is most definitely that. And working at a movie theatre really takes its toll during this time. Mostly on my private life. Something I am inclined to say keeps me sane. Why do I bring this up? I'm feeling emotions more strongly than I have ever allowed myself. Recognizing my negativity, or rather uncomfortableness on some very specifically off-putting occasions I've kind of been feeling myself coming back to life for the first time in a little while. I know it's passe to say this, but what people perceive of me and what I'm really thinking are usually two very different things. Sometimes it works out for me, sometimes it doesn't. But lately I've been feeling more of a connection between those two worlds (mind and mask). I've been trying to focus on stating my most honest heartfelt opinions.

Oddly enough, in doing this, I have somehow begun lying far more frequently... What?

Yes. I recognize that humor and good company call for taller tales. You may be laughing at how simple this sounds, but it has taken me a little while to recognize what I've been doing and I don't know if I care to stop.

The problem with leading by the tip of my tongue, I find, is that often people don't know how to view my intentions. If I'm giving a solid example then of course they manage to agree or at least listen. And I've been learning more and more how to make those examples flow... I am a creative creature after all.

The upside; I've found myself attempting to more positively affect peoples' lives on a regular basis.

The downside; I get angry. I try not to show it. But sometimes spite hits me after I feel I've been wronged. And I try to not let it effect the way I carry myself... but that's impossible. The funniest thing about it all is the spite stems from positivity. A lot of positivity. But as usual She Don't Know:

1. Victoria Lucas - Moby
2. Little By Little - Radiohead
3. Radio Cure - Wilco
4. Liberation In A Dream - A.R. Rahman
5. Rhythm & Soul - Spoon
6. Eine Kleine Lift Musik - blur
7. All For Leyna - Billy Joel
8. Lonely Lonely - Feist
9. One Pure Thought - Hot Chip
10. Think I'm In Love - Beck
11. Canto De Ossanha - Jurassic 5
12. Guitar Flute And String - Moby
13. Heard The World - O.A.R.
14. I Want You So Bad I Can't Breath - OK Go
15. Honey Honey - Feist
16. The Rafters - Moby
17. In A Future Age - Wilco

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