Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Best Animated Feature Talk

So here's my query:

If Pixar isn't gonna take the award this year, who's it gonna be? Suddenly the category of Best Anmiated Feature is interesting. Most years it would seem an upset if Pixar wasn't the victor. Think about it, how many years in a row, since the category's inception, has Pixar won the prize? First two and then... Four (that's in ten years... they've won six out of the ten awards... literally 3/5ths the awards that have ever been won. That's a nuts number when you consider how many production companies have actually won the award even once. Nothing comes close. Dreamworks only has two awards to its credit. Studio Ghibli (which I love) only has one and Warner Bros defeated Cars (1) back in 2006.

We not only have a general dislike from audiences of Cars 2... but an example of the franchise coming short with the academy in years past. How many more ways can you say No?

So here's my very short list...

Winnie The Pooh
It was amazing! Perfectly suited to the source material... and a big BRAVO for non cg animation. I found myself laughing constantly. It seriously is that clever. If you haven't given it a chance, you should. If you don't want to see it at all, I suggest you stop complaining about there being no good films out anywhere.

Kung Fu Panda 2
The original was deservedly nominated. It lost to Wall E which is probably Pixar's most adult feature to date... kind of hard for a GREAT family flick to come between the academy and an actual possible human issue. But Kung Fu Panda 2 earns its moments. The reviews were all positive calling it a "worthy sequel". This is praise Cars 2 has not received.

Man this one was surprisingly adult... but that's what I hope for out of Nickelodeon as a studio. For years they've been about not dumbing down to your audience no matter the age. I'm not ashamed to admit I used to even watch Nick Jr sometimes while I was in middle school. But I'm getting off track.

Since it was such a small category last year and I don't know what other animated films are coming out (if any) before 2012, and since I despised Rio I guess that's my whole short list for this year.

Post to this. I'd very much like to hear your opinions.

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