Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Still Here... Why Did You Ever Pretend To Leave?

Finally got around to seeing this and I can only pull one intellegable thing from I'm Still Here...

But I don't know. I can see how Joaquin thought this would seem like a good idea, all-be-it interesting. I can imagine being in a situation where you're no longer happy with your life. The strain it puts on your mind. And then you think, maybe I can escape this feeling for just a little while. When I first saw that Letterman clip

I figured it was a set up to a movie, one that I hoped would be interesting. It sucks to discover that there was no actual plan. They just decided to roll with whatever happened and in the end it may have destroyed a once good actor's career. And yes, he's signed on to be in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter which has potential to be a good movie. But who knows if it'll ever even happen. It sucks to think that no one stopped somewhere along the way and said, "Hey, you've put all your chips in this one basket. Now you've actually gotta make something out of it."

Even if you're trying to make a "documentary", you went into this process knowing it was really just another movie... right? So why would you do the things you did with the people you did them to for real? Does the fact that it really was for a movie make it alright to some of the folks who were screwed during that year? Anyway, I suppose in some very small way this movie isn't an absolute failure, because it made me feel an emotion strongly and I guess that's the emotion they wanted me to feel... but honestly, why would you ever want to make another human being feel that way?

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  1. Need to see it still, but I don't feel like it. I knew the whole thing was a set-up from the get-go, but it just doesn't look interesting. All I want is for Phoenix to come back.