Thursday, November 11, 2010

TV Is Sort Of Maybe Possibly Good Again...

With this latest half season of South Park totally kicking ass,
I thought I'd post about the very very few shows that are actually working and thus taking up a miniscule bit of my daily schedule:

The Walking Dead - AMC. This one's a no brainer (pun, way accidental).
So much about this series works and after seeing the second episode actually feel right and not forced I can state without question that I will be an active and regular viewer. The pilot contained one of my all time favorite tv moments. It involves a second story window a rifle and an emotional black man I swear I've seen on a CBS show...


Moguls And Movie Stars - TCM. A documentary series about the creation of Hollywood.
It's great. And TCM has been making a really cool point of show specials dealing with the subject matter from this series, ie. movies discussed. I'm excited by this because perhaps it means TCM will become more proactive in classic film education. Sometimes a good screening deserves a full-fledged explanation of the people and times involved.

Great Migrations - Nat Geo. Another cool nature documentary.
This one applies a new technology of camera including one called "The Frankenstein"?? But there's some really exciting work being done here. In the second episode they capture an image of an ant posing like a war hero.
That just stood out in my mind as memorable.

Conan - TBS. I'm just glad he's back.
I hope this show blows Jay's numbers out of the water. It's exactly what you'd hope it'd be.

So let's take a moment and smile at the fact that not all TV is trash. I still enjoy 30 Rock a great deal and am trying to get through Todd Margaret (key word being "trying"). So here's hoping these programs lead to other greats.

As always, I love Breaking Bad.

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