Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Silver Screener And The March King Talk Oscar Noms

My friend The Silver Screener responds to this Tweet:
March King-Man, Oscar always ignores my favorite movies, ie. Moon.
Silver Screener-Moon, unfortunately, didn't even have a shot. A small indie with a small release whose own studio didn't believe in its chances. Ridiculous. 
(Sony Pictures Classics wouldn’t even send out screeners for the multi-award winning film.)
MK-True. Sad fact. But the massive push in hollywood for a (Sam) Rockwell nomination I hoped would at least equal something.
SS-Especially disappointing since (Morgan) Freeman's yawn-inducing performance in the dull as dirt Invictus made it. Of course, Helen Mirren called the Oscars "the creme-de-la-creme of bullshit."
MK-haha True. Whatever. As long as LOST is good tonight life'll be alright. The (500) Days (Of Summer) thing is annoying as well and no love for (Where The) Wild Things (Are)?
SS-I can't even figure that one out. The (500) Days thing, I mean. I can understand the (Where The) Wild Things (Are) snub because it was such an atypically bleak family film. I liked it, of course, but I can understand people who wouldn't. But (500) Days.... man, that was bullshit.
MK-For sure. I like how the academy whole heartedly ignored every other awards gathering.
SS-I do like that.
SS-I hate it when they just echo every other guild.
MK-Happens sometimes.
SS-And then we get surprise noms like Maggie Gyllenhaal!
MK-But... True true. But... If a film or actor is truly the best it seems (in a sensible world) it would appear in all of the shows just because it truly deserves it. Politics seem to stop that from happening though. I know I'm reaching for long shots... but enough people knew about/liked them in the community for films like Moon and (500) Days to get recognized
SS-Not enough people saw Moon, I thought. It's still a cult film, first and foremost.
MK-In the community... The tweets at least (lol) seemed to say otherwise, even if box office numbers didn't show that. The number of (Duncan) Jones related tweets from higher ups was surprising to me ie. led to my ultimate disappointment when I actually thought Moon had a shot. But yeah. I guess I was wrong. Nominees ain't bad. But every year they find a way to disappoint me.
SS-It's hard to please everyone. Maybe if they stopped voting in mediocrities, though...
MK-That'd be nice.
SS-Like In-f@*&ing-victus. Though that didn't get a Best Pic nod, so happy day! But the Blind Side did, so, you know, whatever.
MK-haha Yeah. Somebody's laughing right now... I don't think it's Sandra (Bullock)... but somebody big is laughing pretty hard about that... I bet it wins.
SS-Actress? Yeah, probably.
MK-No. Picture haha. They need another Crash.
(In 2006, Crash [Haggis] won Best Picture to everyone’s surprise, despite the fact that it was released in 2004 a year too early for consideration. The films it beat: Munich [Spielberg], Brokeback Mountain [Lee], Good Night and Good Luck [Clooney], Capote [Miller]. My friends and I often joke about Crash because it is the only film we felt did not even deserve to be in the category.)
MK-lol Sorry.
SS-Heart....stopping. Lungs...closing....
MK-I'm just saying. Look at the trends. It's about that time. But it'll probably be Avatar... though I dunno if I like that.
SS-I would LOVE that.
MK-I liked the movie alright. Just... I dunno. It's still like, I’m hoping Up In The Air wins. I want an Avenue Q v. Wicked situation. That'd be more interesting for me. Especially considering I would prefer Up In The Air to Avatar any day. I did like (Avatar), but Up In The Air is better... Hard to compare lol.
(In 2004, Avenue Q won Best Musical at the Tony Awards. This was an upset as everyone expected Wicked to sweep the ceremony. I personally agree that Avenue Q is superior.)
SS-I mean, you know I adore and love and respect Up In The Air, but Avatar was the best blowjob I've ever had.
MK-haha Dirty. I actually would prefer A Single Man to both of those. But it's too small.
SS-I still think The Hurt Locker will win it, though.
MK-Yeah? I should see that.
SS-Oh, A Single Man. Ignored for Best Original Score.
SS-Um, yes. Yes you should. On BluRay!
MK-AHHH!!! lol I will try. Plenty of time before the event.
SS-Four weeks, yeah.
You can see the nominees at Oscar.go.com.

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  1. To clarify: that's a cinematic blowjob; real blowjobs, like real actors (except Zoe Saldana as Neytiri), are of course better than the non-real thing.