Monday, February 8, 2010

Nearing A Head

Sometimes things just happen in life. We lack control over the world around us and oft nature simply takes us by the ankles and grapples with us until we are suddenly no longer where we thought we were. We sit in the nest of the world staring through a small hole and realizing everything we thought we knew is wrong... and that realization is (confusingly) a symbol of growth and maturity?
As I fend through emotions that may or may not relate to this idea of growth I at least recognize that I am coming to something new and interesting. It would seem I am indeed Nearing A Head:
1. Can’t Go Back To Jersey - G. Love
2. Rousseau - Pinback
3. Major Tom (Coming Home) - Shiny Toy Guns
4. Losing Keys (Katalyst Remix) - Jack Johnson
5. Where Do I Begin - The Chemical Brothers
6. One Last Time - The Kooks
7. Mutant Genius (New Genius) - Gorillaz vs. Spacemonkeyz
8. Me, My Yoke, And I - Damien Rice
9. Everything Is Everything - Phoenix
10. Unnecessary Trouble - Hard-Fi
11. Not For Sale - CocoRosie
12. Time Bomb - Dave Matthews Band
13. Honey Come Home - John Alagia
14. Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival
15. Shoot The Works - Fox Bat Strategy
16. The Cold Part - Modest Mouse
17. Just A Thought - Gnarls Barkley
18. Broken Drum - Beck

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