Sunday, December 6, 2009

Those Wacky Blu-Ray Television Sales

I respond to this article from It states that blu-ray sales are low for television series because of higher prices...

...Just make them cheaper. There is no reason a two disc blu-ray of Dollhouse should be $20 more than the dvd (it’s much cheaper on amazon than in stores). That's just stupid. And I gotta say, it honestly doesn't cost more to make a blu-ray. Maybe the initial authoring takes some work, but with advances in technology speeding processes up all the time you'd think TV studios'd think before messing with their loyal fans (those that still remain). 

FOX makes bad decisions left and right 

(high budget shows on low viewing nights... why??), 

NBC is dying a little bit every day, 

CW has been a  mentally challenged camel since its formation, 

and CBS... well they're boring. So how's it they've got the lead? Wouldn't it make more sense for ABC to be on top (even if they can't get their lineups in order)? But I digress. These stations could all be doing better, even at the top... so why hurt their home video market sales by not upgrading with class... 

saying "We understand that you [the loyal fans] deserve a break. We may not see profits right away with this HD stuff, but in the long haul... if we treat you right, we will see newer, greater success." 

I mean, AMC gets it... 

AMC... the movie channel that still pan and scans movies... 

Showtime gets it. 

If the “premium” networks are all getting it what’s taking the regular networks so long? Hope the execs at least mull this over a little before claiming no contest and folding to the ancient format of DVD.

That said, blu-ray sales keep rising in film... because film studios understand what pressure they are now under to keep their viewers. When shit hits the fan, the major networks are gonna wish they'd done something sooner. But they've still got time... we hope.

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