Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everyone's Heavy On The Bass

This morning I went out and picked up the special edition of The Flaming Lips’ new album Embryonic. It’s damn good and crazy. But, after my first listening I noticed something I really wasn’t expecting at all. Granted the band is experimental and constantly looking for new ways to push their music into unexplored territory (it may be unexplored for them, but some other bands are already hitting that same point as we speak).

The oddity is the Bass. The production quality pushes the bass up to a new power level. You may recall my short review of Arctic Monkeys’ Humbug which also had this extra umph. It’s really cool.

It used to seem, the bass was naturally overpowered and you’d have to force your radio into submission to get that cool chilling sound, but no more. It’s a step in the right direction. Bass is meant to be loud. That’s why subwoofers exist. To kick your ass with bass. But somehow, on these new albums, it’s there without all the hassle.

So I’m excited because I think it’s a new trend. And that means that everything’s gonna change once again. So color me happy.


Embryonic (The Flaming Lips):

The album hums and crackles and turns my blood up. It’s been about three years since At War With The Mystics which had a very slaphappy sound. But this is alittle more “cool and collected” except when its not. But it’s hard to classify Lips albums in general. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots is a beautiful concept album... The Soft Bulletin is just cool... and if you’ve ever heard Clouds Taste Metallic, oh wow. It’s just beautiful and interesting and totally lucid. All I can really say is, I can’t wait to listen to Embryonic a few more times. And in case you didn’t know, this is a double album... so extra tracks. Hurray!

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