Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So... Vampires Are Real??

You know, it’s funny how some fads can take off in a really big way. I’m a fan of True Blood, I think it’s a very well produced show with strong actors and interesting writing. The thing that confuses me though is the explosion of vampire culture. See HBO is putting the beverage Tru Blood on the market... which is kind of cool I guess. But it makes me feel like a bit of a geek. Here’s the thing, it seems the world is becoming very accepting of geekitude. And as a geek in many respects I’m excited, if not incredibly surprised.

Everything from Comicbook-culture (Star Trek to superheroes to vampirism) is now considered decidedly cool. What’s interesting about this is how far it has come. Not fifteen years ago these visions of intricate, alternate realities were left to the obscure. They were those secret little things you’d spend your time reading in the privacy of your room when no one could claim you were doing anything but sleeping.
I’m thinking, it is an example of technology’s ability to bring things closer together while all the while spreading them farther apart. When people go online and see a website has a massive audience (no matter how strange the site) they will be interested in at least learning what it’s all about. And once an odd thing like vampirism catches your eye, you will want to know just a little more and a little more. It’s good for conversation to be as knowledgeable about “everything” as you possibly can be. And everything includes obscure geek culture. But when everyone has access to the internet, and everyone has a multiverse of information at their fingertips, the word obscure almost loses meaning... Because there is literally too much. So nothing can be obscure if everything is obscure. There will always be an audience in some form or another. And the most amazing thing, I think people will actually buy this product... I might.

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