Sunday, November 30, 2014

And Slaying The Badger Kicks Some Serious Ass!!

Another good 30 for 30. See a trend?
Slaying the Badger is the story of the only American to officially win the Tour de France, Greg LeMond. His struggles are surprisingly intense, and not at all what I would have expected from the sport of cycling. Not only did the man have to contend with cyclists from all around the world... his own teammate seemed intent on outperforming him. It's a bizarre little piece of history to watch these two men (LeMond and Hinault) go from being the best of friends and trustworthy companions to bitter enemies over the span of two years. And it's really cool that everyone was still around during the filmmaking process to give their own personal two cents... just as impressive that they would want to... given how the coach seemed to connive, one would expect him to be less than interested in talking. But he seemed to take sheer delight in reliving the experience... as will you.
John Dower paints an awesome picture of the competitive nature of professional cycling. I'd be surprised if the guy didn't make many more high quality documentaries in the coming years.
Yet another easy recommendation from the ESPN docu-series!

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