Monday, October 6, 2014

Streaming Space Station 76

I had heard about Space Station 76 a few weeks back and was intrigued both by its concept and its modern streaming release. So I had to check it out.
Space Station 76 is a modern vision of a vision of the future that may have been conceived by a funny person back in the 1970s... chew on that for a minute. The absurdness of that idea paints a pretty bizarre picture, but if you go back and think about where peoples' heads were at when the original Star Trek came out, this actually makes a lot of progressive sense. And much as Star Trek still covers issues we discuss today, Space Station 76 hits home in a lot of ways. Loneliness in a world of technology, sexism, alcoholism, the obvious but awesome cigarette jokes (Patrick Wilson just lights up in the cockpit, no thought for personal safety or anyone else around) amongst many others. This is a weird movie, but it doesn't lack for things to grab onto.
Now the pacing is quite slow, but I personally didn't mind that. And the effects were cheap... but in many ways that became charming because the idea is so charming and lends itself to ridiculous possibilities. Essentially, the weaknesses of this film work to its advantage making it feel even more campy... at the end of the day that's what this always wanted to be. So in my mind Jack Plotnick really succeeded. Between Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, and Jerry "f-ing" O'Connell this movie feels loaded with actors who understand (or in O'Connell's case don't need to) what the material calls for... and awesome, joyous camp is what we're greeted with.
You can check it out on iTunes or Amazon today.

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