Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wet Floor: Disappoint Me Once...

This is a random group of films. As summer winds down to a shuttering halt I'm realizing how little I've actually written about the season and the "big movies" that came out. Some of those are in here. Others just didn't leave an impression, and a select few have made it into happy happy reviews. But let's get started with the schlopp:

Cowboys & Aliens
This simply sucked. No need to go into details... though let me just say, I honestly didn't care about a single thing that happened in this movie. I really like most of the actors, but they had nothing to do. The story was pointless and unentertaining. And look, it's all good and fun to get giddy at weird crossovers like this, but they need to actually be crossovers. The cowboys were cowboys, sure. But those aliens just weren't even remotely interesting. The fun of this idea comes from getting both genres in one. But this felt like somebody said "How can we get aliens involved in the west?" then some douchebag responded "I dunno... the goldrush was around that time. Maybe they want gold." "Why?" "I dunno. Who cares?" Then they got to make the thing. Balls. That's just lame guys. This whole movie is just lame.

The Help
Totally lived up to the hype. I definitely felt a few tears during that flashback scene near the end... if you've seen it, you know what I mean. If you haven't seen it, stop surfing and go see it.

Crazy Stupid Love
I wish this was the focus of the movie. These two characters do really work.
Aptly stated, "Two of those words are right." This was so disappointing in that the trailer made it honestly look amazing. And while it did touch greatness for a few very brief moments it mostly lingered in a bogged down studio "enhanced" stupor. Apparently someone at the studio thought a major decision at the end was wrong and thus forced the filmmakers to add on an extra half hour of shite... and you feel that extra half hour let me tell you. Good performers. Mostly good writing. But somehow a camel.

30 Minutes Or Less
Not incredibly funny but not a bad time either. I had fun. It wasn't too long which certainly helped. Nick Swardson is almost always wonderful. So this is mostly a thank you to him. Thank you Nick Swardson for bringing me so much joy over so many years. Still, it's weird that this is a comedy based on true events that actually ended quite horribly. What can you do? It's Hollywood.

Friends With Benefits
Actually not a bad flick. Surprisingly so. I liked the performances and enjoyed a good deal of the humor. Though it does fall into a few cheesy moments and seems to have trouble getting out of that pit. Whatever the case, I still had fun.

Sarah's Key
A great movie. And oddly the only one on this list that I had to see alone. I guess people aren't all that interested in Holocaust stories anymore. And I get that. But sometimes it's worth it to see one when it's not the same recycled stuff. This one actually surprised me. Once I understood the significance of the title... and it doesn't take long to get there... I fell right in with this movie. Everything honestly worked for me. And I left the theatre feeling a need to live. Isn't that a good way to leave a theatre? ...or anywhere?

The Devil's Double
Despite Dominic Cooper's pretty swell performance, the overall movie here just doesn't work very well. It's awkward and disturbing and pointless all at the same time. But when it's good it is good. I'm not gonna say "Don't see it" but I will say it's okay to wait for Netflix.

Captain America was fine and you know how I felt about Attack The Block and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. So that pretty much wraps me up for the time being. I intend to catch Fright Night and Conan soon... but I don't know, neither one gets me too excited. Now it's just a waiting game for The Muppets, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and A Dangerous Method. Hope you're having fun at the movies.

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