Monday, November 16, 2009

Favorite Films: Metropolis!!

The year is 1927 and world cinema is changing in a big big way. I begin here because once sound happened (The Jazz Singer)... modern entertainment began. But I don’t wanna talk about a talkie right now. Indeed, of all the films to come out in 1927 my favorite was a revolution of genre rather than format.

Metropolis: by Fritz Lang, the one eyed master... 

or one of the one eyed masters (ie. John Ford).

This was Sci-Fi before Sci-Fi knew it was a genre. And it has been copied and copied for almost a century. But the thing that gets me is the awe and beauty of a separation of two worlds... the structure of the rich vs. poor and the realization that some people are wrongfully forced into a class by the ignorant. It’s a German film... and it’s older than the second world war, but it carries a message that almost bleeds post war reconstruction. That’s what gets me about Fritz Lang. His films carry messages that are almost ageless. And now for the first time in 80 years you can actually see the whole movie!

Plus that giant face is creeepy.

The List So Far:
1927 - Metropolis - Fritz Lang

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